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Many people can describe transcendent moments in nature where they feel deeply connected to something bigger than themselves and Forest Church is a way to explore that connection within community

Forest Church is a fresh expression of church drawing on much older traditions when sacred places and practices were outside – but it is also drawing on contemporary research that highlights the benefits of spending time with nature in wild places.

Forest Church isn’t just normal church happening outside, instead it attempts to participate with creation. And it isn’t just a fellowship group doing an outside activity, we aim to learn, worship, meditate, pray and practice with the trees, at the spring, along the shore....


For many the spiritual journey is most easily followed in nature; along the shore, through the forest, over the mountain – as well as in the garden and the park. Markers along the journey include moments of captured wonder: the perfect sunset, a sacred place, the sound of a waterfall or the taste of freshly harvested produce shared with friends. It feels natural to give thanks or say ‘wow’ and somehow find that the experience includes something of the divine.

Throughout the ages people have walked this path with the Mystic Christ and have found a meaningful expression of their spirituality, finding inspiration and structure through the rhythms of the seasons, the characteristics of plants and animals and the sacredness of place – along with the wisdom of the scriptures and the pattern of prayers. Down to earth spirituality of the everyday with Christ at its compass prompting action for peace, justice and ecology.

Communities of the Mystic Christ is a place for spiritual travellers of all traditions interested in exploring Jesus the Christ as a living reality and mystical guide through ancient practices and contemporary thought and experience. It will provide community interaction as well as resources to practice spirituality for everyday patterns, stages of life and rites of passage. Together with these, will be reflections on the works of the mystics that explore the Mystic Christ.

This site and its communities are for anyone who wants to explore this journey. It will draw heavily on Christian mystical tradition and will encourage a personal encounter with Jesus. It will also explore who Jesus is through the eyes of different Christian and non-Christian spiritual traditions. But even with these roots deep in the wisdom of the past something new is happening; a seed is sprouting and what it will become will depend on the people who choose to journey together in this new community and the creativity and passion they bring.

We, the founders and vision bearers of the Communities of the Mystic Christ come from a variety of Christian traditions, churches and cultures. As such we express our heritage in many diverse ways and welcome the diversity of others in exploring who Christ is for today. We believe we are called to express this heritage afresh in each culture, place and time, discovering the moves of the Spirit’s dance among us. We do not know the patterns this will form and so we are travellers on a journey in which we seek to cherish the old but discover the new and often unexpected work of the Spirit of Christ in all creation. We invite you to be our companions on that Journey whatever spiritual path you follow as we seek those discoveries together. We all have spiritual wisdom to share and all have much we can learn from each other as travellers together in both the world within and the world without.

Version 14/10/10

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We will soon hold our first meetings here. Please check in every now and then or give me a call if you want to know more: 089-78018960 or 0170-1293016. Robert.

Mediaeval Baebes - Sunrise

This church is made out of trees

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